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Bird Hunting

Interested in a bit of bird hunting to compliment your African plains game hunting safari? There may be a chance during the bird hunting season in Namibia, May through November, for some adrenaline charged African wing-shooting, which we offer at no additional cost on a regular priced plains game hunt.
african wingshooting safari

Wingshooting Safaris

That do not include plains game hunting can be organized for groups of two to four shooters at a daily rate of $450 per person, which includes all birds shot. We are home to more than one of the world’s finest sporting birds such as Namaqua Sandgrouse, Doublebanded Sandgrouse, Burchell Sandgrouse, Laughing Doves and Cape Turtle Doves, in addition to Helmeted Guineafowl, Redbilled Francolin, Kurrichane Button Quail and Harlequin Quail. Even a skillful sportsman will be impressed with the sheer speed, agility and formidable number of worthy African game birds.


Below are some of the most popular South African wing shooting packages offered by Karoo Wingshooting.  It gives wing shooters an array of vastly different bird species and it is a great start to the first time African bird hunter that would like to experience a little bit of everything Africa has to offer.

We specialize in tailor-making a wing shooting safari to a client’s needs. After a couple of wing shooting safaris, a client may have an affinity towards a specific type of hunt. Karoo Wingshooting can tailor-make your bird hunting safari to fulfill your specific niche, whether you want to collect all the upland game birds Southern Africa has to offer, the waterfowl, Sand-grouse or the doves and pigeon species.

This is the perfect South African wing shooting safari package for the bird hunter that would like to hunt a large variety of birds.  It’s also a great option for the person wanting to decide which form of bird hunting suits them best.

10 nights comfortable lodgings and 9 days bird hunting  (Partridge over pointers, Decoyed waterfowl and Volume Pigeon shooting)

8 to 12 different game bird species

$7,300 on a 3 gun basis

All Inclusive, bar ammunition!

Enhance your South African Wing Shooting Safari by including the option of fly fishing in the might Orange River.  Here you are spoilt for choice with a variety of quality large and smaller fish species that can be caught of fly. 

7 nights comfortable lodgings, 3 days Volume Pigeon & Dove shooting, 3 days fly fishing on the mighty Orange River

US$ 3200 on a 5 to 6 pax basis /
US$3,600 on a 3 to 4 pax basis

All Inclusive, bar gun hire and ammunition! (Season: March through April)

The African Wing Shooting Safaris package gives wing shooters an opportunity to hunt birds that occupy various environments. This includes the various Upland Birds, Waterfowl and Dove & Pigeons.

8 nights comfortable lodgings and 6 days bird shooting, (Partridge over pointers, Decoyed waterfowl and Volume Pigeon shooting),

8 to 12 game bird species

Only $5,950 on a 3 gun basis

All Inclusive, bar ammunition!

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