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Having a safari professionally filmed is an extremely worthwhile supplement to the actual hunt. Considering the price of a safari, it’s an affordable service and well worth the price.

So, when planning your next African adventure, consider this worthwhile service and ensure that your experiences can be passed down to future generations.

Your Film will be a complete adventure DVD that shows day by day activities, the hunting location and accommodation while you are on your safari…

Our method of filming and editing runs as follows:

  • The arrival of you and your hunting party or only you at the airport or safari area.
  • The road trip to the hunting destination if filmed from the airport.
  • All that happens on the Safari as a day by day edit, in and around your hunting camp (accommodation, entertainment and all that the hunting camp has to offer you as the client or clients)
  • All the professional hunters, guides and trackers who were a with you and a part of your adventure.
  • All the impact shots on the hunt in slow motion after each successful hunt
  • Personal interviews with you and your professional hunter at the end of the safari
  • Day of departure with you leaving camp or the airport followed by credits of everyone involved in the safari and filming and editing process.

The Guarantee you get from us is that client satisfaction is the reason why we have a lot of return clients that act as living references.

There is no better way to remember your hunting adventure than recording it to a DVD. Photographs and video give you the ability to relive the experience for many years to come.

African Outdoor Visions is committed to producing broadcast quality personalized videos for clients from around the globe.

The specific need of every client is discussed in detail and the filming style is adapted accordingly. Support footage is filmed to give the editors material to work with, such as accommodation, vehicles and all the supporting equipment on the hunt. When the moment comes for that shot of a life time, your cameraman will be behind your shoulder, with you not even knowing he is there. 
Although very little is staged and we try and film the real events your cameraman will do his utmost to ensure he gets the shot, without ever being in the way of the hunter.

We specialize in filming Safaris. The DVD serves as a “visual diary” of your experience, and will allow you to repeatedly relive the excitement and memories of your safari with family and friends. 
Your DVD will include a stunning movie made from some of the best footage, chaptered by day, or by hunt. The DVD will then follow the natural progression of your safari, with regular verbal anecdotes to create a story-line that is easy for all to follow. This narration can either be done in the field by you and your safari team, or by professional voice-over artist.

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