Baboon Hunting in South Africa

The two most commonly hunted Baboons are the Chacma Baboon in Southern Africa and the Olive Baboon in East Africa.

Chacma Baboons are the only species of Baboon found across South Africa in a range of habitats ranging from riverine forests, grasslands, bushveld and mountains but have a preference for hilly terrain.

Baboons are omnivores and their diet ranges from mainly grass, seeds, fruit, pods, tubers, nuts, insects, scorpions to nestling birds and even small mammals. Baboons can be one of the most difficult animals to hunt especially in areas hunted as vermin for crop damage, destruction of lodge buildings or the killing of domestic sheep and goat lambs.

A Baboon troop posts sentries to be on the lookout for danger that will give a loud alarm bark as a signal of danger giving away an approaching hunters position. They can be hunted in all the provinces.

Large male Baboons have dog-like muzzles and massive canine teeth that can inflict a nasty wound even to an attacking Leopard. They are highly intelligent and have incredibly sharp eyesight, even being able to know the difference between an armed hunter and ranch workers. They are best hunted from a blind or ambushed on their way to or from their roosting sites.

Baboons numbers are decreasing but not necessarily threatened although CITES permits are required for the control of any trade. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also has special import regulations for the importation of Baboons into the USA.

What is the cost to hunt Baboon in Africa?

Baboon is one of the most affordable animals to hunt in Africa. The shooting fee can be as low as $60 (on some properties, where they are a problem for the landowners, you might actually get a chance to shoot a few for free).

Dedicated baboon hunts are rare, as baboon are usually hunted if an opportunity arises in the course of a regular plains game or dangerous game safari. Generally, you can hunt in Africa for as little as $2,000, however, most “plains game packages” sell for $3,000-$7,000 range.