Wildebeest (Golden) WW


Stalking a herd with thousands of eyes and ears is a challenge, and so is shooting. Wildebeest’s hump on the shoulder makes unaccustomed hunters miss high. They are notoriously difficult to bring down.

Pay a 50% deposit per item

An exotic mutation of the black and blue wildebeest, the golden wildebeest, or golden gnu as it was named by the Khoi (Hottentot) is a beautiful animal and highly sought after by hunters from around the world. … In the 1920s, early farmers referred to them as red wildebeest or Vos wildebeest. Golden wildebeests were believed to be cross-breeding black and blue wildebeests, but later testing revealed, that the color variation is caused by a recessive gene, similar to that which causes blue eyes in humans.

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